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Stages of meeting Ksenia Solo

1. Before the Con = excitement

2. Disbelief when you see her

3. Awkwardness/staring in admiration

4. Pass out

Don’t get me wrong I’m super excited but also very nervous. I never thought that a year (almost to the day) after she tweeted me happy bday (Which I still remember and I totally did a happy dance though my house about) that I would get to meet her! Best Bday Gift Ever this year!!! I do wish I had waited a few weeks to cut my hair though. I’m so self-conscience about it now. It’s too short, and I feel like I look like a guy. Of course I’m really self conscience about everything now that I’m going to see such a lovely person (both inside and out) up close.  Wish me luck guys!

The only thing that could make it better would be if Rachel Skarsten was going to be there. I’m a little sad about that but I’d really never be brave enough to even walk into the building then. Maybe I will get a chance to at least get an autograph from Rachel at some point, I hope.


  • Rachel’s answer to who’s the best kisser is just

Rachie and her amazing Great Auntie Grace

My sources has sent me as “Rachel in a good vibe with a friend”.

Looks like, but I’m not so sure, what do you think?

Rachel “Smartsten”


All of our hearts Tamsin…. All of our hearts… 💔😭

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Anonymous asked: I love your blog and I have missed it on my dash!

Thank you very very much my dear anon!!! I’ve been working so much that I barely have time to see my parents and friends but I promise I'll do my best to publish news and photos of our beloved and idolized Rachel as soon as I get some free time


ps: Here’s one of my faves Rachel’s pic, especially for you!

ps1: Don’t be shy, send me inbox message with your tumblr’s name, so we can talk!


Anonymous asked: What? Lost Girl series finale? how did that happen?

No idea dude, maybe coz they get lost in season 4, maybe Showcase doesn’t want spend more money, maybe the actors want some new projects…  All I can say is the I’m really sad and I am shocked and perplexed whit this sad news about my fave tv show…


Lost girl is ending!!!




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How I am/feel after Anna’s video about LG last season